I closed STM for a loss.

music selection:  “My Kinda Girl” — Chickenfoot

On 13SEP2021, I entered a bull call spread on STM using the 40/45 strikes and 15OCT2021 expiry for about 3.75 a share.   The position recently moved against me and was very threatened.  With expiry on Friday, it seemed like a good time to cut my losses.  I sold for 1.40 a share, booking a 3,054 loss on 13 spreads.  That is a 62.7% loss across 31 days of trade in force.  I tried mightily to get an attractive fill to exit LSI at a loss as well but couldn’t catch a bid. Will try again tomorrow as that one is well out of the money.  AMZN is also out of the money but just barely.  I like the chart and am hopeful for a recovery.  But I’m looking at anywhere between 2 thousand and 14 thousand in losses for the month so far.

Devour your prey raptors!

Capitulate STM

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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