I bought a bull call spread in INTG.

music selection: “Space Lord” — Monster Magnet

weigh-in:  189.8 +2.2 – too much game day pizza!

INTG is a chart action pick.  I like the underlying business but I chose it based on technicals.  With shares trading at 119.73, I bought the 115/120 bull call spread with 19NOV2021 expiry for 2.85 a share (17 spreads).  I put 4,845 in capital at risk for 47 days.  The trade enjoys 1.57% downside protection and needs only .23% price appreciation to be fully in the money.  Should that happen, the full profit of 3,655 will be earned which is good for 75.4% or 586% annualized.

With this morning’s market swoon, I have several positions underwater.  I had hoped to exit LSI today but can only get about a nickle a share by selling.  I’ll hold a few more days and hope for a rally instead.

Devour your prey raptors!

Bull spread Integris (INTG) with yield up to 586%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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