Down 34k on the month.

music selection:  “Where You Going Now” — Damn Yankees


Wells Fargo (taxable): This finished the month up 94 dollars at 23,431.  The gain is 0.40% on the month and 10.53% gain year to date. This account also produces $137 in monthly distributions, which sweep to my checking.  I’ll be looking for more Closed End Funds to buy in that account as funds are available.

Interactive Brokers (taxable): This is down 28,805 on the month to 164,815 which is good for a 14.88% monthly loss.  Year to date, I am down here by 7.54%.

Interactive Brokers (tIRA): This account is down 2,935 on the month to 137,752. The monthly loss is 2.09% and the year to date gain is 13.07%.  I have pivoted in this account from insurance centric to small cap investing.

Interactive Brokers (Roth): This is down 1,050 dollars to 8,390.  The monthly loss is 11.21%,  and the year to date gain is 1.02%.  My side gig is going very badly and I might not make enough to qualify for ACA subsidy.  A recharecterization from traditional may be in  order.

HSA: This account is down 9 dollars on the period to 12,961. That is a move of – 0.07% on the month and 4.43% gain on the year.  I now expect to make a tax advantaged HSA contribution this year.

Checking: Cash is down to 11,7940 from 12,380. That is a 4.73% decrease from last month and 51.85% gain year to date. Monthly withdrawals from the taxable brokerage are set at 1,800 a month, my new for 2021 target spending.

Crypto: I recently got started with Coinbase and BlockFI.  I earned $10 in free bitcoin for depositing and converting to coin $100.  I’ve earned an addition coin in CGLD, MKR, EOS, XLM, COMP, FIL, BAND, ALGO, NU and SKL for completing short educational videos at Coinbase.  You can do the same at the following affiliate link:  If you do so, you will earn $10 in free Bitcoin for depositing at least $100 and I will earn the same bonus.  (Much appreciated).  I have added about 700 dollars in new money to an ETH/GOVI liquidity pool and another 700 to DEGEN.  I think everyone should have a small (not large!) amount of crypto currency as a hedge.  This account is down 979 on the month to 23,327, a loss of 4.03% and year to date gain of 201.81%.

Total investable assets come to 382,471 down 8.22% from 416,471 last month and up 24,961 year to date or 6.98%.

Don’t forget to see the long term trend at Lizard King’s Transparency Page.


Home: paid

Car: paid

Income tax: I have a 5,382 tax asset.


I have increased my budget to 1,800 a month.  I am going to calculate my withdrawal rate against (21,600) going forward. Against a liquid net worth of 382,471 that is a withdrawal rate of 5.65%. I closed several options trades for a net loss of $1,592 during the month of September and am pacing 185.2% of 21,600 from options trades year to date. Additionally, my income centric approach to investing includes 10,534 in expected distributions, dividends, and interest for the year or an additional 48.77% of the new budget. Total budget for the year was covered by 234.00%. This should more than cover my spending for the year.  Trading performance has been very good year to date.


Spending was 1,785 for the month, which is just below the 1,800 target.  I have increased the budget to 1,800 a month withdrawals from taxable starting with the January withdrawal.  I had thought I needed to tighten my belt but I made it by just fine.


I picked up 150 dollars from my efforts on the local Water Board.  This  plus cash swept from taxable brokerage accounts come to $2,076 on the month.  I think I can reasonably keep up a $2,000/month pace.  The part time gig has produced zero commissions so far.  I have told the boss I won’t do any more third party clients.  They are a hassle and pay poorly in the event they close.  If he does not acquire his own clients as promised, I will be done with the role shortly.  I have three candidates in interviewing phase that might still place with commissions around 3,000 for each.

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Monthly Transparency as of 30SEP2021

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