I bought bull call spreads in LSI.

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Life Storage (LSI) has a year to date chart that basically one straight movement up.  I bought a bull call spread to capitalize on that momentum.  With shares trading at 127.81, I bought 21 bull spreads with the 125/130 strikes and 15OCT2021 expiry for 2.40 per share.  The trade enjoys 0.32% downside protection to break even.  I need 1.71% price gain in 39 days to realize the full profit of 108.3% or 1,014% annualized.  I have 5,040 in capital at risk.

I have three trades that are in the green but threatened.  Those are TEL, NVDA, and LSI.  Current expected short term capital gains are 3,635 for September and 12,210 for October.

Bull spread in LSI with yield up to 1,014%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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