Open a new spread and closed another early.

music selection:  “Whip It” — Devo

weigh-in:  185.8 (3.8)

On 26JUL2021, I entered a bull call spread in MDLZ at the 59.5/64.5 strikes with 20AUG2021 expiry for 4.1383 per share (12 spreads).  I put 4,966 in capital at risk.  The spread moved against me and has been threatened for most of the last week.  It turned briefly in the green this morning so I took the opportunity to close for 74 dollars in profit and to take some risk off the table.

I like the chart of TE connectivity (TEL) so I opened a bull call spread this morning.  With shares trading at 152.57, I bought the 145/150 spread for 3.55 a share (14 spreads) at the 17SEP2021 expiry.  I have 4,970 dollars of capital at risk over 33 days.  The trade enjoys 2.64% downside protection to the break even point.  Should the underlying finish above 150, I will earn the full profit of 2,030 in the trade.  That is good for 40.8% or 452% annualized.

I opened another Bull spread this morning as well but the play was recommended behind a paywall and I don’t think it is fair to the subscribers to give that away.  I will report the results when I close the trade.

I have four spreads expiring on Friday and they are all well in the money.  Should that hold, my P&L on closed trades for the month of August will come to 13,339.  So far, September is looking equally as strong.

Devour your prey raptors!

Bull call spread in TEL with yield up to 452%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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