I sold my bull call spread in LB.

music selection:  “When The Children Cry” — White Lion

On 2AUG2021, I bought 36 spreads in LB at the 77.5/80 strikes for 1.3294 per share.  I put 4,786 in capital at risk.  Shortly after LB spun off Victoria’s Secret and changed their ticker to WBBI for the remaining Bath And Body Works property.  I couldn’t find reliable information on what my adjusted strike price was so I decided to sell.  I sold this afternoon for 1.45 a share, booking a 9.1% profit over 3 days.  That was good for $434.

I have four positions with August expiries that are safely in the money.  My MDLZ spread is threatened and would result in a 2,374 loss if expiry was today.  Still, that would make my estimated profit for the month 11,071.  MDLZ is a company with strong earnings and stable growth that I think can recover in the remaining 16 days.  I only need a 3.21% upward move to get back to breakeven.

Devour your prey raptors!

Close LB spread

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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