I bought a bull call spread in Cintas (CTAS).

music selection:  “Got To Be Real” — Cheryl Lynn

weigh-in:  198.6 (1.6)

I was not able to unload the remaining BIIB bull call spreads.  There are no bids in the market.

With CTAS trading at 378.13, I bought the 370/380 bull call spread with 20AUG2021 expiry for 5.80 a share (8 spreads).  I am putting 4,640 in capital at risk over 46 days.  As of today’s close at 382.78, I have 1.82% downside protection in the trade and I am fully in the money.  Should that hold till expiry, I will earn the full profit of 3,360 or 72.4% on my capital at risk. Over 46 days that annualized to 575%.

I am currently pacing 6,450 in profits for the month of July, 11,000 for August, and 8,985 for September.  Things have turned around strongly after a poor month’s performance in June.

Devour your prey raptors!

Weekly trade with yield up to 575%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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