I opened a bull call spread in Facebook (FB).

music selection:  “She Sells Sanctuary (long version)” — The Cult

weigh-in:  200.2 (0.8) – Back above 200# (barely!) but still made progress on the week.  Permanent move below 200 coming soon!

First, US Concrete (USCR).  I bought 203 shares in my tIRA account on 6JUL2020 for 24.43 a piece. A recent buyout announcement by a larger competitor at 74 dollars a share has USCR trading at 73.63.  I sold today to lock in a 201.39% gain (9,988 in gains).  This saved my month and puts me back in the black.

With shares of FB trading at 343.15, I bought the 340/345 strikes bull call spread with 20AUG2021 expiry for 2.60 a share.  I have 0.16% downside protection in the trade.  Should shares rise a  miniscule 0.54% at expiry, I will earn the full profit of 92.3% over 54 days or 624% annualized.  FB is in a nice uptrend and I feel really good about my chances here.

Devour your prey raptors!

Monday Trade with yield up to 624%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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