Three trades this week.

music selection:  “Miss You” — Jane Jensen

weigh-in:  205.4 (1.8) – Three consecutive weeks of weight loss and 15 out of the last 17.

First the bond trade.  I have had 3 units of the OXY 2.9 coupon bond with 15AUG2024 expiry left open after a good till canceled trade at par resulted in six of the original nine clearing market.  The final three cleared today at par.  I originally purchased this bond on 22OCT2020 for 89 cents on the dollar.  I paid 3 dollars in commissions making my total outlay 2,673.00.   Today’s sale brought in 3,000 in principal while costing 10.75 in fees and commissions.  Interest earned during the holding period was 71.05.  Total proceeds were 3,060.30. That is good for 14.49% return or 23.27% annualized.

I bought a deep in the money call on Splunk (SPLK). I now hold one 20JAN2023 call at the 60 strike.  I paid 60.75 a share.

Today’s main trade is in Crown Castle International REIT (CCI).   CCI is a cell tower and 5G play that has been in a strong uptrend.  With shares trading at 198.18, I bought 18 spreads at the 195/200 strikes for 2.6439 per share.  I have 0.2% downside protection.  The spread is currently worth 713 in profit (or would be if today was expiry).  I need 0.99% price appreciation over 40 days until the 16JUL2021 expiry to earn the full profit of 4,241 on 4,759 capital at risk.  That would be 89.1% or 813% annualized.

Devour your prey raptors!

Monday trades with yields up to 813%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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