Limit order cleared on a bond.

music selection:  “Let Me Live My Life” — Saint Asonia

On 19NOV2020, I bought 8 PBFX bonds with 15MAY2023 maturity and 6.8750 coupon for 91 cents on the dollar. I paid 16 dollars in commissions and 12.22 in accrued interest.  Yesterday, I sold for 99.75 cents on the dollar.  I paid 16.75 in commissions and collected 200 in accrued interest.  I made 855.03 over 124 days, which is good for 34.44% annualized.

I used the proceeds plus some of my other recently raised cash to buy Aberdeen Emerging Opportunities Fund (FEO).  The fund seeks a high level of total return by investing in emerging markets with favorable fundamentals.  It trades at 7.13% discount to NAV and yields 9.83% annually.  I picked this fund for its long term consistent dividend and share price.  I bought 703 shares at 14.24 each.  This adds 984.20 to my annual passive income bringing me to 43.81% of my budget covered by passive investing.

Devour your prey raptors!

Sell CUSIP 69318UAB1 and buy FEO

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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