With two days remaining till expiry, the last of my 19MAR2021 expiry bear put spreads were assigned early.

music selection:  “So Alive” — Love And Rockets

On 8FEB2021, I bought the 135/140 bear put spread in ABT with 19MAR2021 expiry for 4.50 a share (11 spreads).  I put 4,950 in capital at risk.  The short puts were assigned this morning or perhaps overnight.  I exercised my long puts for 140.  The gain on the position is 550 dollars, good for 11.1% over 39 days which is 104% annualized.

On 22FEB2021, I bought the 80/85 bear put spread with 19MAR2921 expiry in CL for 4.60 a share (10 spreads.)  I put 4,600 in capital at risk.  The shot puts were recently assigned early.  I exercised my long puts at 85 to close the trade.  I collected 400 dollars in profit over 25 days, which is good for 8.7% or 127% annualized.

I have four covered calls expiring in the month of March.  Two are well in the money and two are well out of the money.  I will sell the shares of the ones that are out of the money at market after the calls expire.  This will raise about 37,000.  I’ll be deploying that into passive investments for yield.

Devour your prey raptors!

Early assignment ABT and CL

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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