Three trades.

music selection:  “Modern Love” — David Bowie

Some weeks ago I set up a “Fish Hook” for Microsoft (MSFT) by putting in a good till canceled order for a bull call spread at the 225/230 strikes and 18JUN2021 expiry for 2.50 a share.  This was well outside the current bid and seemed unlikely to fill.  On some share price weakness the order finally filled and I now hold 20 spreads.  I have 5,000 dollars of capital at risk.  If shares finish above 230 in June, I will double my money.  The high strike is currently 0.97% out of the money but if the position expired today, it would still earn 560 in profit.

On 6JUL2021, I bought NTLA for 22.64 a share and SI for 13.42.  I set a 33% trailing stop loss on both.  Today, both breached their stop and I sold.   I got 52.41 for NTLA for a 231% gain and 105.26 for SI for a 784% gain.  I have ten more “moonshot” investments up a weighted average of 67.09% since July.  Some are approaching their stop losses, but  most would stop out with a net gain.  These investments are all held in my tIRA account which has been on a tear this year, although the current month performance has been poor.  But that is why you use trailing stop losses on speculative investments.

Devour your prey raptors!

Fish hook MSFT and stopped out of NTLA and SI

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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