I adjusted a few trades this morning.

music selection:  “Rhinestone Cowboy” — Bruce Springsteen

weigh-in:  217.0 +1.2

A bear put spread in BDX was threatened and briefly crossed my 50% stop loss.  I originally bought the 240/250 bear spread for 8.40 a share on 30NOV2020.  I closed today for 4.775 a share taking a loss of 43% ($1,449) over 15 days of holding period.

Two puts in SWK were assigned early over the weekend.  I exercised my long put to close out the hedge.  I made 181 dollars or 22% over 29 days which is 279% annualized.

All nine of my puts in GPC were assigned early over the weekend.  I exercised my long puts to close out the hedge.  I made 405 dollars or 10% over 36 days which is 100% annualized.

Finally, I opened a new bear put spread in FRT.  I bought the 95/100 bear spread with expiry of 15JAN2021 for 4.05 a share.  I bought 9 spreads, paying 3,645.  With shares trading at 89.58 as of this writing, I have 6.05% protection against an upward move in share price.  The trade will be in force for about 33 days and should protection not be breached, will earn 23% over that period or 259% annualized.  That would be 855 dollars in profit on the 3,645 at risk.

Devour your prey raptors!

Federal Realty Investment Trust trade with yield up to 259%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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