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I have been watching the crypto space and learning.  What I think, is that there is a tremendous opportunity coupled with tremendous risk.  Virtually any coin can go to the moon – or to zero.  I don’t want to miss out so I have decided to just dip my toes in the water.  I’ll be risking amounts so small that it won’t bother me if I lose everything.  The potential though is so great that a trivial investment could still turn into a life changing return.

My purchases

Last week, I bought $75 each of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).  My holdings are currently worth $149.25 (marked to market).  I’m actually down on both BTC and ETH but have some free coins which I’ll show you how to pick up in a moment.


To invest in crypto you need a wallet.  After doing some research I decided the easiest, most secure and most reputable provide was Coinbase.  I’d like to say getting set up is a no-sweat proposition but there were actually quite a few security hoops to jump through.  It is easier to set up a new bank account in the US.  I had to link my checking account with a two deposit test procedure.  I also had to provide a scan of the front and back of my driver’s license and an additional webcam photo to prove my identity.  The whole process took about three days.  After that, the interface was intuitive and easy to use.  I learned from a friend to convert cash to USDC first and then make conversions rather than make multiple purchases from cash.  You pay a commission to buy with cash but no commission to convert cryptos.

Earning with Coinbase

Coinbase offers several opportunities to earn free coins.  I have already picked up $16 in cost basis of BTC and CGLD.  The first $10 came by using an affiliate link to sign up and buy at least $100 of crypto through Coinbase.  It took about 3 hours for the bonus BTC to show up in my account.  You can do the same by using my affiliate link here.   If you meet the terms, you will be granted $10 in BTC and (full disclosure) so will I as a referral bonus.  I found that to be a very easy way to get $10 in BTC.

There are also informational videos on Coinbase.  At first, you will find they are all on a ‘waitlist’ and you’ll have to wait for an email to participate.  I got my first email invite yesterday and watched three short two minute videos about Celo (CGLD).   After answering one easy multiple choice question about the video for each, I was credited $2 each for a total of $6 in CGLD.

Recommended action

If you don’t already own some crypto, consider making a very small investment.  I don’t think anyone should go “all-in”.  Sure, there are a lot of bitcoin millionaires out there but if they haven’t diversified, they could see their  earnings fall to zero if bitcoin becomes illegal.  I’ll be sticking with less than $500 for the foreseeable future.  Really appreciate it if you use my affiliate link if you do.  We will both earn a free ten easy bucks.  I’d  note it is also super easy to get your own affiliate link once you qualify.  If you have friends who are still on the fence about crypto, you might persuade them to buy a hundred bucks and earn you both a ten note.

The markets were closed for the holiday today but I’ll be back with a fresh trade in the morning.

Devour your prey raptors!

Finally getting into crypto

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

2 thoughts on “Finally getting into crypto

  • September 8, 2020 at 7:27 am

    Love it. Welcome aboard. I think everyone should own some crypto and for most just stick with the big ones like BTC and ETH as you did. Don’t sweat the 10%, 20% or 30% declines. Crypto isn’t stocks and those moves are routine. The potential reward outweighs the potential risk I think and no one says you have to own a whole bitcoin if you aren’t comfortable. Half, a quarter, a tenth. Just something to have some skin in the game. Coinbase has many reward programs so “earning” other cryptos is easy and then you can sit on them or convert. Thanks for sharing.

  • September 8, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    Word is that China is preparing to implement a national crypto, perhaps as a way to facilitate international trade and evade dollar sanctions and tariffs. If you keep up with the theory of Ray Dalio, you might see this as a key event in the transition to a new reserve currency.

    Overall, I think the easy money has already been made in crypto, and a new rationale would be needed to draw in new money. The Chinese crypto might just become that.

    Meanwhile the US Fed is taking seriously the risk of Chinese crypto-dominance by funding research on how a crypto dollar might facilitate international trade or forex.

    I might be interested in diversifying into the new Chinese crypto if it was free-floating (as opposed to a mercantilist ploy). The risk of being left behind by a change of currency regime is real.


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