I bought a BCS on Home Depot (HD).

music selection:  “Crazy” — Kidneythieves

weigh-in:  221.6 (2.4)

Housing and everything related is hot right now.  I especially like Home Depot (HD) right now.  Thus, I bought 7 bull call spreads at the 285/290 strikes and 16OCT2020 expiry.  Unlike the past, only one strike is in the money.  With the underlying currently at 286.20, I need the price to rise by 1.30 to break even (0.45%).  Likewise, to earn the full profit I need shares to rise to 290 or 1.32%.  I think there is a high probability of that with the 61 days the trade will be in force.

I have put 1,750 capital at risk in this trade.  A full win would produce 100% profit (1,750) over 61 days or 1,177% annualized.  Put another way, I can double my money with a 1.32% rise in the underlying.  That is a lot of leverage considering the downside risk is defined.

Devour your prey raptors!

Bull Call Spread with return up to 1,177%

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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