I bought more of the AFSI bond.

music selection:  “Funky Cold Medina” — Tone Loc

On 18OCT2018, I bought 6 units of CUSIP 032359AE1, the 6.125 coupon Amtrust Financial 15AUG2023 maturity bonds for 95.0000.  I attempted to sell the position on 15MAY2019 for 99.15, but only 5 units cleared market.  I was left holding one bond I was unable to sell due to the minimum lot size of two at Interactive Brokers.  Today, the bond fell back into buy range and I bought 6 more at 93.5000.  The trade has a  yield to maturity a little over 8% but I expect to do better by exiting the next time the bond approaches par.

Devour your prey raptors!

Buy CUSIP 032359AE1

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