This posting was delayed by my vacation in Colorado

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It was a good month.  I have limited opportunity to post for a couple week and will target once a week until I get back to Houston

Wells Fargo (taxable): This finished the month up 284 dollars at 28,884.  That is a 2.44% monthly gain and good for 9.50% annual gain.

Interactive Brokers (taxable): Here I finished the month at 229,662 up from 207,521 last month.  That is a monthly gain of 10.76% and year to date gain of 44.24%.

Interactive Brokers (tIRA): This account is up 9,132 to 171,728 versus last month.  The monthly gain is 5.62%.  Feel pretty good about the long term performance of this mostly property and casualty insurance portfolio that has a year to date gain of 17.04%.

HSA: This account is up 1,283 on the period to 7,340.  That is a 21.19% move in the right direction or 185.98% year to date, driven largely by my annual contribution.  This account is still “small” and will see wild swings until it has more ballast.

Checking: Cash is up to 20,964 from 7,568.  That is a 177.01% increase from last month and 144.10% loss year to date.  The month looks a little wacky because my income tax refund came through.  I will make quarterly estimated payments of 2,350 to the Revenue Service throughout the year.

Total investable assets come to 458,578 up 11.32% from 411,937 last month and up 33.51% from 343,483 year to date.

Don’t forget to see the long term trend at Lizard King’s Transparency Page.



Home: paid

Car: paid

Income tax: I have a 4,700 income tax prepayment asset and expect to make two more such payments during the year.  I hope to get my estimate “about right” this year.  I have been carrying too much prepayment so far in early retirement.



I have automatic withdrawals from my taxable investing accounts set to provide a cash income of 25,000 a year.  Against a liquid net worth of 458,578 that is a withdrawal rate of 5.45%.  I earned 525 in options premium income during the month of June, which should be the nadir associated with shifting strategy..  I’m trending to earn 73% of budget from options trades this year.  Additionally, my income centric approach to investing includes 26,266 in expected distributions, dividends, and interest for the year or an additional 105% of budget.  In the event of a downtown, I should be immune to the need to “sell at the bottom”.  At the same time, I can expect steady and robust growth to keep ahead of inflation.



Spending was 1,831 for the month, which is under the 2,000 target.   I will be spending much less on Stansberry products now that I have a Choice account allowing access to 10 services with my PWA subscription combined.  This should allow me to come in under budget for the year and for the foreseeable future.  There will be a cash transfer from checking to the IRS for quarterly estimated taxes next month.



No Water Board income this month because I am out of town in Colorado and can’t be present to perform the duties of my office.  Additionally, my AdSense earnings were adjusted down by Google and I will not earn a payment for June.

Devour your prey raptors!

Financial Transparency as of 30JUN2019

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

One thought on “Financial Transparency as of 30JUN2019

  • July 5, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    Thanks for the update! Hope the Internet Retirement Police don’t catch you “working” on vacation.

    Hard to believe the VIX hit 12.5 Wednesday. Thinking hard about going long if it happens again.


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