Ten side hustles you can start from home – today!

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Sell your smarts at scale – Create an online course!

What do you do better than anyone else?  Whatever it is, you can create, package, and sell it as an online course.  The e-learning market opportunity is expected to be over 50 billion by in sales by the end of 2019.  That is a big number!  Platforms such as Udemy allow you to set up as many free or paid courses as you like with no upfront fee to the instructor.  Udemy works on a revenue sharing model and the average instructor earnings are over $8,000 per year.

Are you an organizer? – Help others!

Lots of small businesses need an organizer.  Someone to do scheduling, keep track of appointments, and various and sundry tasks that seem overwhelming to the disorganized.  You can sign up to be a personal assistant on HelloAlfred, Fiverr, Freelancer, or Upwork for an hourly rate that you set.

Empty nester? – Rent out a room!

If you have a spare room, it has market value.  Airbnb allows you to easily exchange your extra space for cold hard cash.  You can rent out any room so long as it is clean, has a bed, and a fair listing price.  You’ll make some cash and maybe make some new friends too.  Airbnb does all the heavy lifting of marketing.  You make hundreds to thousands a year.

Make your corporate years count – Career coach!

Experience matters in the corporate world. If you have it, it is a marketable skill.  There are people who need your wisdom and perspective and will pay for it.  As a career coach, you can use your work experience to help others with their jobs while being rewarded for it.

Are you caring? – Be a caregiver!

The United States has an aging population with more than 88 million seniors expected by 2050.  Many of them are going to require hands on care and assistance.  Start with some market research in your area, the numbers will probably surprise you.  You can start with something as simple as specializing in transportation.  You can list your services on Care.com, which has 19 million members in 16 countries.

Know your city? – Be a guide!

Platforms such as GetYourGuide and Vayable allow you to plan unique experiences in hundreds of cities around the world.  You get paid to be a tour guide.  A 2013 Forbes article noted the average tour guide fee on Vayable was $250.

Like numbers? – Keep the books!

If you have any accounting training in your day job, you can be incredibly valuable helping people budget and file their taxes.  A typical hourly rate is $70 per hour.

Artsy? – Sell on Etsy!

Do you make jewelry, take good photographs or do embroidery?  Etsy is the eBay of homemade goods.  It provides an online market place for crafts.  According to a 2013 study 81% of Etsy sellers started their gig as a creative outlet while 68% cited extra income as their motivating factor.  Satisfy those creative urges while bringing in cash.

Love animals? – Pet sit!

People are fanatical about their animals.  You might make as much as $400 for taking care of someone’s animal, including feeding and walking for a few hours of work per day for about a week.  And you get to play with doggies and kitties.  What fun!

Love love itself? – Marry people (or bury them!)

There is high demand for wedding officiants.  It is a demanding role that is enormously important in people’s lives.  If you are good with ceremony and public speaking this can be a really good side gig.  Burying people can be even better.  It pays more, doesn’t take as long, and there are no Bridezillas.

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