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I want to share a side hustle I’m actually doing today.  I take online surveys with Survey Junkie.  If you fit the right demographic you can make up to 100 dollars for a one hour focus group (I’ve never been offered that opportunity.)

I like the surveys that are super short.  There are many that are advertised as 1 minute or 1-3 minutes that take about 15-30 seconds.  They usually pay 10 points (10 cents), making your hourly rate 12 to 24 dollars an hour.  It isn’t so much the money.  These surveys are fun to take and can be done on your cell phone while you are waiting for food at a restaurant or in line at the grocery store.

I recently picked up a check for 32 dollars from Survey Junkie.  The ten cent opportunities come about 3 times a day and really add up over time.  I do them during time that would otherwise be sort of a waste (multitasking) so it is no burden on my time.

Longer surveys are oftentimes not worth the effort.  Each survey lists the payout in points and the time estimated to complete.  You can do a quick calculation to determine your pay rate per hour.  Sometimes it is pitifully low.  I decline those offers.

The sign up is easy and the blog gets a 1.50 bonus for each qualified lead.   This is my first ever post promoting an affiliate as this is the first product I actually use myself.  I won’t promote something that is not worthwhile in my own opinion.  It is an ethics thing.

Devour your prey raptors!


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