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Chapter 4 of the James Altucher book “Side Hustle Bible” promotes the idea that everyone already has skills that are “good enough” to turn into a side hustle.  And even if they don’t it is easy to get far enough up to speed to start earning money in your free time.  Seven examples are offered.

1. Writing – blogging and copywriting

Competition and pay is low but you can start making 25 dollars an article or so on Upwork and Problogger.  But James recommends writing your own articles.  I’ve found this to be a poor way to make money (this blog makes about 150 a year!)

Here’s a neat trick the book recommends though.  Post on that for $5 you will arrange guest blogging opportunities for business startups.  You find 20 blogs and provide a dozen or so potential topics for guest blog posts.  Email the blog owners with your pitch.  Five dollars is trivial for this amount of work but you can upsell the startups but letting them know when you have located the opportunities that you can write the articles for them!  The Editorial Freelancers Association has a list of typical rates.  Pretty clever.

2. Writing – content  upgrade strategy

Some of the big blogs out there are using a strategy to offer custom email signup bonuses on each page that reflect individual posts.  It is a lot of extra work for the blog as it essentially doubles the amount of necessary content.  That’s where you come in.  You find large blogs that are not using the strategy and you pitch it to them.  Find their most popular articles and pitch some sample giveaway article idea titles.  Offer to write the first articles for a low introductory rate that is too good to pass up.  When their sign up rate skyrockets, you are in the door and can charge more for ongoing work.  Pretty clever again.

3. Graphic Design – Instagram marketing

Annual advertising spending on Instagram has topped 6 billion dollars!  But there are still many businesses that are not taking advantage of an important venue – they don’t know how.  You find local businesses that are not using Instagram or are not posting frequently enough.  Research the top hashtags in their industry.  Contact them with this information and some suggested images to go along with those tags.  They are of course free to do this themselves but small business owners are busy people.  Many will pay you to do this work for them.  Canva’s Design School software is your friend in this effort.  James notes Megan Etcheberry manages Instagram feeds for several local businesses and charges an impressive $1,000 per month!

4. Video Editing – arbitrage

Many companies will pay several hundred dollars for video that can promote their brand or product online.  What they don’t know is you can gain access to thousands of stock videos for $149 a year from  You can use these videos for any purpose.  Search for “intro” or “green screen” for lots of videos that an image or logo can inserted over.  All the tough work is done for you.  You just have to find the customers.

5. Web Development –

There are still lots of ugly websites out there.  James recommends Word Press and Headwaythemes to create great looking sites for free.  There is no code to learn.  Look up all the businesses in your town that have no website or a bad one.  Create a scrolling one page site using these tools.  Load it up to your own page such as  Install SumoMe to boost online email signups.  Pitch these demonstration site to the local business.  You can charge between $500 to $3,000 per site!

6. App Development – business apps

Find people who need or want an app.  Or even come up with a new idea for a useful app.  Design the app out with images and intended navigation of the buttons.  Once you have a mockup with the design work done, post on UpWork to have the site coded.  You can get this done relatively cheaply.  No need to learn code or stay up to date with new developments in software.  Put your apps in the store for 99 cents and  you are off to the races.

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