Getting back on track after missing more than a week due to illness.

music selection:  “Alone Together” — Fall Out Boy

waist-line:  37.0 inches

So I have made some progress on the waist-line even if my results don’t show in the amount of weight I am lifting.  Last week, I had an alumni event.  I squeezed into a pair of 38 inch waist jeans I bought last year in a fit of optimism for the first time.  They weren’t even tight and uncomfortable although I was aware that my thighs were making contact with the fabric.  Seems my quads have responded at least somewhat to the squatting.

I try to remind myself at the gym that getting in shape is a lot like preparing for early retirement.  I conquered the latter and it gives me motivation to believe I can achieve the former as well.  I hope this weekly feature inspires raptors playing the home game to get in shape but physically and financially.  The intent is to show I’m a regular guy.  The kind who struggles at the gym and with my weight and that anyone can do this.

I’m still sticking with 195 on the squat as I work on form and range of motion.  I’d like to be able to get full range of motion without the belt before I move up.  Right now, my back is a limiting factor.  I am very cautious about injuring myself, especially my back so I might be at this weight for some time.  I cleared 55 for 5×5 on the over head press today.   Just barely on the last rep with ugly form and a truly pathetic sound escaping my body but I’m counting it.  Today was the first day I felt really good about my deadlift.  I did 105 pounds and I’m really pleased with my form.  I’ve been very worried about hurting myself on that lift.  I warm up without the belt and then use the belt for my working weight.  That seems to be the best approach to slowly build my core strength which I also need for my squats.

Friday will be bench press and bent over row.  I’m really struggling with the press.  I just don’t have the arm strength and am thinking about buying some dumbells for use at home on off days.  I could do curls and skull crushers mixed in with some core work (crunches, leg lifts, planking) to build my abs and back.  It would be a light days targeting about 35 to 40 minutes instead of close to an hour.  Something I can knock out easily before lunch.  And not create undue soreness that interferes with my main lifting days.  The Stronglifts 5×5 program does not include a cardio program either.  My don’t really want to do it but am trying to motivate myself plan is to do some burpees on Saturdays.  Maybe add a 100 yard sprint at the park next to the HOA clubhouse.  I’d be looking to be done with that workout in about 6-7 minutes (5 minutes is a LOT of burpees!)  Any of you exercise veterans have an opinion on those plans?

Devour your prey raptors!

Bro, do you even lift?

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2 thoughts on “Bro, do you even lift?

  • October 31, 2018 at 2:31 pm

    Keep it up bro-tato-chip.

    I do push ups, pull ups, situps and run. I’m naturally pretty skinny so I just keep it lean and don’t really bulk up.


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