New record today.

music selection:  “Rock This Town” — Stray Cats

waist-line:  38.5 inches – up substantially thanks to excessive Labor Day bbq.

I completed 5×5 on overhead press at 55 pounds today.  That is a new personal record.  I needed three minutes rest between sets two and three.  I took four minutes between three and four.  And a full five minutes before the final set.  The final set consisted of some pretty comically bad form.  And a sound kind of like someone was torturing a whale.  But I completed it.  I am thinking instead of going ahead and moving up to 60 pounds next time, I’ll do 55 again and see I can improve form and lower rest time at that weight.

Bench press is productive.  I am adding strength with only trivial soreness in my upper chest the next day.  Feel good about my progress.  Grip is improving on all exercises.  The next choke point appears to be core strength.  My squats aren’t really overworking my legs yet but my back strains at the lowest point of the motion.  I’m going to start using a belt for the last two sets.

I de-loaded the bar to 90 pounds on the deadlift today.  I haven’t been at all happy with my form or the way the strain is primarily on my back instead of my legs.  Problem seems to be getting down low enough before starting the motion.  I did a lot better today, starting with just the bar and then adding weight slowly.  Makes the workout longer but I’m getting a little bit of a pull in my hamstrings now.  I think that will help me avoid injury.

Devour your prey raptors!

Bro, do you even lift?

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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