Early morning workout.

music selection:  “Radio Gaga” — Queen

waist-line:  37.5 inches

So I have knocked another half an inch off my waistline.  It doesn’t really show as a visible change.  Except maybe my flab is getting a little saggy.  I’m going to have loose skin when I’m done.  Haven’t decided if I’m vain enough to have it surgically corrected.

Weights are creeping back up to where I was before the de-load.  I’m definitely stronger on the bench press.  Maybe a tiny bit on overhead press but it is a trivial gain.  I failed my fifth set at 55 pounds today with only four reps.  I can probably get it next time if I am patient about getting a full rest in between set four and five.  Deadlift was today and it still feels really weird. I don’t think I have the form right yet and I think I’m going to drop 30 pounds next time re-focus on form one more time.  It is frustrating to not be making gains but avoiding injury is important to me.  Especially for my back.

Don’t forget to read Daydreamer’s guest post, if you haven’t already.  That went up Monday and needs more comments to help a community member along their way to financial independence.

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Bro, do you even lift?

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