June 2018 results.

music selection:  “Call Of The Wind” — Xandria

weigh-in:  197.8 +2.4 – doh!

Wells Fargo (taxable): This is down 211 dollars, a 0.70% loss versus last month. The new mark is at 29,851. Year to date, this account is down 2.71%, not fully recovered from the volatility events of January and February.

Interactive Brokers (taxable): This is down 15,160 to 290,093 a loss of 4.97% versus last month, wiping out most of last month’s strong gains. Rising interest rates have begun to impact my fixed income investments. Year to date, this account is down 33,744 or 10.42%. About half of that loss stems from the UVXY leverage change.

Interactive Brokers (tIRA): I show 639 in declines here this month to 165,799 which is good for a 0.38% monthly loss. I am watching my trailing stops here but nothing seems threatened at the moment. Year to date, this account is up 1.69%.

Checking: I’m down here to 11,535 a loss of 8.54% on the month and 3.98% on the year.

HSA: This account is up 36 dollars to 3,495. That is a 1.04% increase. This account is small and highly volatile as I have it entirely in the triple levered UPRO.

Total Assets: Narrowly remained above the half a million mark at 500,772.  That is down 3.29% on the month and 5.44% on the year.  The year curve for the 7 and 10 year Treasury notes are down to a spread of just 3 basis points.  Inversion of the yield curve might begin soon and is almost certain at the next Federal Reserve rate hike.  Watch your trailing stops, raptors.


House: Paid

Car: Paid

Taxes: I have a tax asset of 12,945. I prepaid another 500 this month.


I started with the local water board as a director lat month.  I will be paid 150 a month for my services.  Check for the month came out to 132 and change after OADSI and medicare taxes.


The budget remains set at 25,000.  Against a liquid networth of 500,772 that is a withdrawal rate of 4.99%.  Current annualized distributions, dividends, and interest come to 28,130 or 112.52% of budget. I also earned 2,978 in options income during June.  Annual options earnings  should easily cover the budget two times over this year.


Very spendy this month as I added flood insurance and paid for 1,250 in home repairs.  I came in at 3,338 for the month of June.  That is a 21,718 annual pace so far.  October through December are more expensive as real estate taxes and insurance come due.  Should come in well under the 25,000 target however.

Devour your prey raptors!

Financial Transparency as of 30JUN2018

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

2 thoughts on “Financial Transparency as of 30JUN2018

  • July 2, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    Harvesting any short-term capital losses before they become long-term? Or are you planning some kind of carryover?

    • July 2, 2018 at 6:56 pm

      My long term for the year is already a loss position and will thus be applied to short term. There is unlikely to be any carryover unless the market crashes violently and I get shaken out via a large number of trailing stop losses triggering.


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