The month of July is in the bag.

music selection:  “Desire” — Lemmy Kilmister & Richie Kotzen

weigh-in:  204.4 (2.0) – w00t, new record low.



Wells Fargo (taxable): This finished the month at 31,443, up from 30,941 last month.  The account is up 2,309 on the year or 7.93%.

Interactive Brokers (taxable): This finished the month up 1.89% at 306,652.  The account is up 37,126 on the year or 13.77%.

Interactive Brokers (tIRA): This one was up 3,088 dollars to 152,775.  Gains for the year come to 12,558 or 8.96%.

Checking: Cash on hand is up 676 dollars to 12,259.  The change in cash since the beginning of the year is 3,816 or up 45.20%.

Total Liquid Networth is up 9,994 on the month to 503,129.  I broke the half a million milestone!  Total gains for the year are 55,809 or 12.48%, which annualizes to 21.39%.



No real changes here.

Home – Paid

Car – Paid

Income tax liability is still tracking around 11,000 for the year and I should have that much prepaid by the January 15 deadline.  If the market kicks me in the teeth on any of my long or short positions, I’ll take my lumps and harvest the tax loss to reduce this burden.



I am budgeting 25,000 for annual spending.  Against a liquid networth of 503,129, my withdrawal rate is 4.97%.  Under 5% for the first time!  Projected twelve month dividends, distributions, and interest come to 27,524 or 110.09% of budget.  I picked up an additional 1,812 in options income for the month.  I’m averaging 2,080 a month or 99.85% of expected budget.  My budget is covered more than twice before considering the effect of any capital gains.  A nice place to be in.



Expenses came to 1,696 for the month.  This is slightly better than my 1,711 average so far this year.  My road trip with Dad has been postponed to September and I’ll incur some additional expenses during that time but it shouldn’t be too bad.  National park fees are covered by Dad’s senior citizen benefit and we’ll be splitting hotel fees.  That should be offset by no air-conditioning expense for the home as I’ll flip that breaker to the OFF position for the duration of the trip.  Should finish the year under budget barring any unforeseen major expenses.


Devour your prey raptors!

Financial Transparency as of 31JUL2017

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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