I’ve had some requests to reveal my full long stock portfolio.

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weigh-in:  215.4 +1.8

A large portion of my strategy relies on buy and hold high yield investments.  This is mostly in the form of Closed End Funds (CEF) and Master Limited Partnerships (MLP).  This is how I am able to make most of my budget without needing to trade.  That is an important element because sometimes the market isn’t offering any favorable trades and I need to sit on my hands waiting for a fat pitch.


AFSI       (1,308)       (10,500.00)YInsurance
AGC         584       (3,213.45)NConvertible bonds CEF
AMLP         1,182       (19,725.00)NAlerian MLP index
AWP         1,898       (10,002.46)NAlpine Global CEF
CNXC       3,098       (3,494.08)NCoal MLP
EFR           98     (4,997.68)NFloating Rate CEF
EOG           400       (9,500.00)YLow Cost Shale Driller
ERICK           (997)       (1,042.40)NShares received in lieu of bonds in BR
EXXI           (167)           (489.29)NShares received in lieu of bonds in BR
GE           (351)       (9,150.00)YGeneral Electric
GEL           (477)       (7,500.00)YOil and Gas MLP
GIM         (448)     (20,001.03)NIntl Short duration bond CEF
GLO       1,957     (9,999.64)NClough Global CEF
HNW           524       (2,513.95)NPioneer CEF
IGD       1,885       (17,971.20)NVoya CEF
IIM           33       (1,695.83)NValue municipal CEF
IQI         273       (1,664.17)NMunicipal CEF
JPS       8,758       (19,998.45)NPreferred shares CEF
JRO         2,457       (15,000.00)NSenior variable debt CEF
MON         188       (9,970.20)NMonsanto merger arbitrage play
MORL         2,847       (29,280.00)NDouble levered mREIT ETN
NEA         205       (1,709.32)NMunicipal CEF
NVDA         2,374       (10,800.00)YNvidia – growth stock
NVG           163       (1,692.97)NMunicipal CEF
NYRT       (1,320)       (10,009.44)NNY REIT – Liquidation play
OXLC         420       (5,658.49)NOxford Lane Capital BDC
PCI         555       (2,523.30)NPIMCO CEF
PMT         1,250       (10,011.60)YPenny Mac REIT
QCP           158           (894.00)NREIT received from spinoff
REM         845       (4,088.30)NUnleveraged mREIT ETN
SDLP           263       (4,862.00)YSeadrill MLP
SXCP           (606)       (10,000.00)NCoal MLP
TCEHY           435       (5,052.84)NTencent – Facebook of China
TRV         252       (9,997.70)NTraveler’s Insurance
TWO         6,770       (24,594.98)YTwo Harbors REIT
Grand     34,037    (309,603.77)/

Devour your prey raptors!

The Long Portfolio

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

5 thoughts on “The Long Portfolio

  • May 15, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    Haha, hey thanks Lizard! appreciate you sharing it 😉 Will took it as inspiration and see what to make of it! Cheers.)

  • May 16, 2017 at 6:14 pm

    With a long portfolio, mixed with junk bonds and then short selling on some stock it seems to me as you get your inspiration form the hedge fund model of Alfred Jones with some Buffett thrown in for good measure.

  • June 15, 2017 at 11:58 pm

    Hey Liz King!

    Kind of a loaded question but how do these names even come up on your radar? What type of DD are you conducting on these names?

    It’s amazing how your portfolio has grown so fast, despite net withdraws!

    • June 16, 2017 at 1:27 am

      Some come from my own screens and others come from for pay subscription services I have. I like Stansberry products best.

      The market has certainly been treating me well!


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