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Making money on the internet is in most cases not an easy thing to do and usually, you will just waste your time. In case you are looking for a real opportunity to earn some good money, you’ll have to sooner or later start some kind of online trading. A lot of people are scared from the term „trading“ and they think that it will be definitely something that’s risky and something that’s not for them. Of course, that trading is not for everyone, but those of you who try it, will have a tremendous chance to become financially independent for the rest of your life and in exchange for what?

Well, mostly for your time and for a small start-up capital, with which you can start trading only in the case that you are ready to succeed! When you trade either forex or binary options you earn money from predicting the movement of underlying assets. Let’s say that you know that the price of oil will go up due to a current economic situation.  When you trade binary options you would choose “call option” and some expiry time. On the other hand when you trade forex and you think that the euro will do better than the American dollar, then you choose a long position. As you may know, forex trading means trading currency pairs and nothing else, but when it comes to binary trading you can also invest in stocks, commodities, indexes and also in currency pairs.

How can I predict whether the price will grow or fall?

Predicting in which direction the price moves would be without using any technique very difficult, some may even dare to say impossible, therefore we use either binary strategies or forex strategies (depends on what you trade). They have a simple purpose, dramatically increase your percentage of successful trades. These trading strategies are in most cases built from a repeating formula that is proven on historical prices. If we manage to find such a pattern, it is very easy to apply it to the current market.

How much can I earn by trading forex or binary options?

Unfortunately, I cannot give you a specific amount which you can make as a trader. And why? Because no one can tell in advance how you will do. Personally, I trade about an hour per day and last month I earned from trading about $ 352.7 (net profit from closing 140 trades).  I know that it’s not much, but this extra income comes in handy for me. Your results can be significantly better, but also worse. You need to be open-minded and not to be naive that you will earn huge amounts right from the beginning. No one can predict how you will do, it’s all about you. But remember one thing, trading is about earning money in the long run. Not about one trade, or about a serious of trades for that matter. The only thing that matters is, how you are doing overall. After all, every type of trading is about that.  

Free trial of trading (demo account)

Do you like the idea of trading binary options or forex, but you are too scared that you won’t be successful right from the start? Try free demo account which will guarantee you that you won’t be throwing your money right from the window. And how the demo works? Exactly the same way as a real account. Yes, that’s right, there is no difference from a real account and a demo account. Well, maybe one that you trade with imaginary funds and you can’t earn anything with them. But that’s completely all right if you are new to binary options or forex. Some brokers offer demo version totally for free (you don’t even have to make your first deposit to your real account) and some others offer them after first deposit.

I highly recommend demo version to all novice traders who don’t have any real experience with trading yet. It’s a risk-free ticket, how you can pretty easily try to enter the world of binary trading or forex. So don’t hesitate and create your demo account today, because you have got nothing to lose.


How to boost your finances by trading binary options or forex

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