Trying something a little different with post scheduling.

music selection:  “The Sound Of Silence (cover)” — Disturbed

weigh-in:  215.0 (1.0) – down 5 pounds in last 6 weeks; good pace.

I am going to start posting trades as I make them instead of disbursing them out into a regular MWF posting schedule.  Posts will be less frequent but more timely.

I had several positions expire over the weekend and succeeded in rolling four of them.  First was GEL.  I thought this one had run away from me but I was able to get minimum pricing on GEL160819P00037500 which I sold for 80 cents a share.  Annualized return is 23.60% with 8.18% downside protection.

I was also able to get back into my high yield thermal coal plays.  I sold ARLP160819P00015000 for 20 cents a share.  That yields 14.75% annualized which is disappointing compared to last month’s at the money haul but comes with very good 16.99% downside protection.

Also in the high yield thermal coal space, I sold AHGP160819P00020000 fir 30 cents a share.  That yields 16.59% annualized, which is quite respectable.  It comes with 16.59% downside protection.

Apple came within sneezing distance of being called away.  I moved up a strike for this month’s covered call to see if I can capture some short term capital gains.  I sold AAPL160826C00101000 for 1.98 a share.  That yields 18.07% annually against my 100 cost basis.  Yield if shares are called at 101 would be 27.19%, very tasty.  In total, I’ve collected 5.33 a share in premiums against this position across all positions.

I was unable to get a minimum acceptable return today on SDLP, PMT, HCP, or AMLP.  I will be trying again tomorrow but it looks like these have run away from me.

Devour your prey raptors!

Options trades 18JUL2016

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

2 thoughts on “Options trades 18JUL2016

  • July 19, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Wait you did a buy/write on HCP didn’t you, so you own underlying? Calls expired $0.07 out of the money on Friday, yes?

    How has it run away from you if you still own the underlying? Keep on keepin’ on am I right?

    • July 19, 2016 at 12:39 pm

      That’s right. Got confused. A limit order of a few pennies failed to fill. Try again today?


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