Another good month despite some Brexit volatility.

music selection:  “Tear Away” — Drowning Pool



Wells Fargo (taxable): Gains here were trivial at $467 moving from 24,321 to 24,788.  Municipal bonds continue to perform well and some of the Closed End Funds now sell at a small premium to NAV.  I’ll be a seller at 10% or more premium.

Interactive Brokers (taxable): I did quite well here picking up 16,497 in gains while moving from 205,352 to 221,849, a gain of 8.03%.  My UVXY play was a major driver as the 5 strike puts are far less underwater.

Interactive Brokers (tIRA): Only a small move of 1,120 here from 117,587 to 118,707.  It is in the right direction though.

Checking: Cash on hand is up $989 from 9,947 to 10,936.  I have some items I purchased for the HOA that will come through as expenses next month but there should be offsetting reimbursements.

Total liquid networth: The grand total for the month is 376,280.  That is an increase of 5.34% and a new high water mark.



No changes.

House: Paid

Car: Paid

Income tax liability currently met.  Continued short term gains could raise this liability but there should be cash to cover it.



Projected twelve month withdrawals are unchanged at 27,386.  Against a liquid networth of 376,280 that is a withdrawal rate of 7.28%.  Total distributions for the forward twelve month period sit at 27,159 or 99.17% of withdrawals.  Only a couple hundred dollars in annual options premium are needed to bridge the gap.  Meanwhile, I scored 2,047 in June premiums.  Average monthly premiums are now at 1,481.



Total spending for the month chimed in at 1,139.  There were still a few home repair expenses in the form of paint and brushes but that repair is now complete.  The big ticket item continues to be my Obamacare premium at 243 a month.  I am staying well below withdrawals and building cash for year end.  Paint me a happy lizard.

Devour your prey raptors!

Financial Transparency 30JUN2016

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

2 thoughts on “Financial Transparency 30JUN2016

  • July 1, 2016 at 12:43 pm

    You should title this Pterodactyl Transparency because you’re flying high, my Cretaceous companion!


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