The market is closed and I have several options positions that are expired.

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I had positions expire today that earned a total of 895 in premium income.  Not too shabby.

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) had a covered call open at the 43 strike.  It finished a little more than 8 percent out of the money and I will retain shares.  The position was open 62 days and yielded 3.97% annualized.  I will roll out at the 43 strike again, taking anything I can get.

Disney (DIS) has been disappointing.  I was expecting it to run away from my based on Star Wars results but the market is skittish over declining numbers at ESPN.  My written put came within a hair’s breadth of being assigned by finishing one penny out of the money after declining around 5%.  The trade was in force 46 days and yielded 19.21% annualized.  I will roll down and out, targeting 12% annualized yield.

Prospect Capital (PSEC) is mostly sideways since inception of the position.  The covered call finished 2.64% out of the money.  The trade was in force for 43 days and yielded 24.25% annualized.  I will write new covered calls at the 7 strike for maximum income and hope to collect dividends while I hold.

Dupont (DD) is down somewhat since trade inception.  The market has cooled to the prospects of the Dow merger.  My covered call finished a little more than 8 percent out of the money and shares are retained.  The trade was in force for 40 days and yielded 12.07% annualized.  I will write a new call at the 65 strike and expect about 9% annualized.

My strangle on CH Robinson Worldwide (CHRW) finishes with the written put out of the money but the written call in the money.  Shares will be called away.  The trade was in force for 33 days.  The put yielded 29.20% annualized and the call yielded 13.93% annualized.  I will look for an opportunity to write a new put at the 67.5 strike but will walk away if I cannot earn at least 12% annualized.

In other news, the market is going the right direction (finally!) and my UVXY puts have recovered some of their losses.  I hope to roll the position at around break-even around UVXY price 22.  I would then go with the 2018 expiry to grant more time to be right on the trade.

Devour your prey raptors!

19FEB2016 expiries update

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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