Another limit order filled.

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I  have added the Midstates Petroleum 01OCT2020 maturity, 10.75 coupon bond to my holdings.  Pricing was at 13.600.  If this one is money good it will be a homerun.  If it defaults and pays the average 40% on the dollar in liquidation, I still do very well thanks to the low pricing.

I also stink bid four new “B” rated bonds:

Avon Products, 6.350 coupon, 15MAR2020 maturity, 70.300 bid.

Transocean, 6.500 coupon, 15NOV2020 maturity, 69.352 bid.

Weatherford, 5.125 coupon, 15SEP2020 maturity, 75.954 bid.

Toys R Us, 8.500 coupon, 01DEC2017 maturity, 82.650 bid.

These were all bid with good till canceled orders at 95% of the existing market bid. It will probably take a couple weeks for most of them to fill.  You have to be patient when bidding on bonds due to the low liquidity.

Devour your prey raptors!

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