I am back at the through for more UVXY kibble.

music selection: “Hollow” — Pantera

We had a recent blip of volatility due to Greece and I think it spells a good opportunity to get the right price on UVXY puts.  I bought UVXY170120P00010000 for 3.70 a few moments ago.  I will target holding until the price is near the strike of 10 when the premium should be about 5 dollars.

In a quick update on UVXY170120P00003000 (which is pre-split and thus at the equivalent 15 strike) my brokerage account shows I am up about 10% (in about a month [gonzo annualized return]).  I’ll be holding out for more gains targeting roughly 15 price for the underlying UVXY.

Bought LEAP Put UVXY

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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