You must save to invest.  Here are over 50 ideas on how you can save more:

1. Switch to a bank with low/no fees
2. Stop watching TV – commercials are bad for your savings
3. Join customer rewards programs
4. Wait thirty days – you will probably find you didn’t really need it after 30 days
5. Use a shopping list at the grocery store – stick to it!
6. Invite friends over – you’ll have as much fun as if you went out
7. Repair damaged clothing – learn to sew buttons
8. Ask your credit card company for a rate reduction – but don’t stop paying off balances!
9. Drink water – you will be healthier and eat less
10. Eliminate convenience foods
11. Quit smoking
12. Make a super big batch of casserole – split it into thirds and freeze two thirds for later
13. Turn off lights when you leave a room
14. Make the most of any yard sale you pass by
15. Install energy efficient lighting
16. Use a programmable thermostate
17. Replace the air filter in your car – better mileage!
18. Hide the credit cards, don’t keep them handy in your wallet
19. Compare prices and switch to the cheapest grocery store
20. Don’t spend money to de-stress. Learn to have a quality time.
21. Cancel any unused memberships with fees
22. Shop used
23. Wash your hands – you will save on medical
24. Don’t store credit card numbers online. Having to dig out the card gives you a moment to second think the purchase
25. Shop in the days immediately following major holidays.
26. Try the generic brand
27. Cook at home
28. Switch to term life insurance
29. Keep a reminder of your debt on the bathroom mirror – it will keep you motivated
30. Drop unread magazine subscriptions
31. Swap babysitting nights with friends instead of hiring sitters
32. Leftovers, learn to jazz them up
33. Carry a brown bag lunch to work
34. Try to do your own repairs first before calling a service
35. Invest in a deep freezer
36. Look for a cheaper place to live
37. Make the most of free public recreation spaces, parks, and arboretums
38. Inflate your tires
39. Start a garden
40. Take the bus
41. Carpool
42. Invest in a crock pot – cheap cuts of meat are delicious and tender after simmering over night.
43. Pack food when going on a road trip
44. Check your cell phone bill for services you aren’t using and can cancel
45. Consolidate student loans
46. Buy a used car instead of new
47. Use the public library
48. Visit HR and make sure you are aware of using all the benefits of your job
49. Drive the speed limit – no tickets and less gas
50. Read instead of going to the movies
51. Whenever purchasing a new good or service, ask to have fees waive – sometimes all you have to do is ask
52. Eat less meat
53. Use coupons like a champ
54. Air seal your home
55. Brew your own beer or wine
56. Use surge protectors on all sensitive electronics
57. Staycation instead of traveling
58. Cancel cable or satellite channels you don’t watch – or cut the cord entirely!
59. Exercise
60. Buy staples in bulk

Devour your prey, raptors!

50 plus ways to save

Never miss another opportunity to devour prey!

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4 thoughts on “50 plus ways to save

  • March 31, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    Great list of ideas to save money!
    I do a lot of these. Last I checked, I’m saving 108 percent of my net pay. This is my final 8 months until retirement. How is this possible? $5250 net income per month, $18,000 401k maxed, $6,000 catchup 401k maxed, $7,650 HSA maxed, company 401k match is $7,800, plus I save $2,500 a month out of what’s left of my paycheck.

  • April 7, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Yes, I’ve told work. I’m so entangled into the system, they needed a year’s notice to figure out how they are going to replace what I do. My last day of work will be Wed, Nov 25, 2015 (day before Thanksgiving). I’m just trying not to think about it too much but rather enjoy my work and my weekends like normal. Just bought some golf season passes for DW and myself today..

    • April 7, 2015 at 8:55 pm

      That’s great. Don’t take any guff between now and 25NOV15. You are one of the ‘untouchables’ now.


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