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Bro, do you even lift?

A good workout.

music selection:  “In Too Deep” — Sum 41

waist-line: 38 inches

The gym finally added … two collars.  It’s not enough but should cut down on the number of people on an Easter Egg Hunt every damn workout.

I finally broke through the 55 pound plateau on over head press.  Just a month or so ago, I couldn’t do the 45 pound bar.  I’m happy with the progress, especially since my form is also improving with less excessive leaning back and less left/right tilt where one side goes up faster than the other.

Deadlift if coming along but it scares me a little bit.  I’m thinking of modifying the Strong Lifts 5×5 program by deloading and working with what I can lift 10 times before going up 5 instead of trying to be He-man.

I also finally broke through 75 on the bench press.  Eighty was not happening today though.  I’m close with three sets of 5 and two of 4 so there is hope I will complete before having to deload again.  Grip strength also seems to be improving.

Devour your prey raptors!

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